StudyForArtPlatform was founded by artist Mateas Pares and aims to be a borderless project and exhibition space that offers artists, curators, galleries, and practitioners in other art fields, and from around the world, an alternative opportunity to explore their practice. Through carefully selected, curated, and produced exhibitions and performances, StudyForArtPlatform will operate in the intersection of galleries and artist-driven initiatives, and offer an institutional context with a long-term mindset along with a democratic system where the work is in focus.

Visiting address:
Katarina Bangata 66

Opening hours:
Mon—Fri: By appointment
Sat—Sun: 12pm—4pm

For general inquiries, appointments, and social media:
↳ Instagram
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Facade 2
Cupbard Up
Balcony from Staircase
Staircase from Balcony
Mezzanine from Inside
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