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Featuring works made of materials relating to the rural Polish coal-town Gosławice, the place of birth of the artist’s father — ashes from the coal power plants, plastic flowers, linen, and stained pine boiserie — the exhibition is a longing and conflicted view of the changing meanings and conditions of life dependent on an industry which is inevitably and rapidly ceasing to exist. The title ”Mass” alludes to the aesthetic and spiritual experience of the catholic ritual, as well as the physical property of the coal, both which very much define the town and its people.

Adrian Olas

Adrian Olas is a Stockholm based Polish-Swedish artist working primarily with the histories, aesthetics, and poetics of specific places, materials and materialities.


2021-2022 - PAB, Postmaster Course, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

2020-2021 - Theoretical Philosophy I, Stockholm University

2018-2020 - MFA, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

2014-2017 - BFA, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

2012-2014 - Pernbys Målarskola, Stockholm

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