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"Hjärtat, det känns banalt och lite skamset men lockande. Jag målade ett porträtt av en jonglör, hela och halva hjärtan kastas mellan höger och vänster hand. Både en barnslig och allvarlig lek. Runt omkring är allting blått. Alla känslor går från hjärtat till handen och vidare in i målningarna."

Elinor Silow



"The heart, it feels banal and a bit embarrassing but at the same time tempting. I painted a portrait of a juggler, whole and half hearts are tossed between the right and left hand. It's both a childish and severe game. Everything enveloped in blue. All emotions go from the heart to the hand and further into the paintings."

Elinor Silow

Elinor Silow

Elinor Silow works with emotional fragments that are shaped into different characters, symbols and scenes through a direct, colorful, humorous and emotionally charged figurative image world. The characters appear in the middle of the surface as protagonists. They embody different things, feelings, some take up more space than others, and sometimes they get characteristics of portraits. Previous attempts at abstraction have been abandoned for figuration and, with painting as a starting point, her figures have also appeared in other media such as textile works and sculptures.


2017-2022 — Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

2021 — Universität der Künste, Berlin

2015-2017 — Pernbys Målarskola, Stockholm

2014-2015 — Kv Konstskola, Göteborg


Solo Exhibitions

2021 — Brinn älskling brinn, Master Degree Exhibition, Galleri Mejan

Group exhibitions

2022 — Vargtimmen, Master Degree Exhibition, Konstakademien

2022 — Color, Galleri Mejan

2021 — Rundgång, Royal Institute of Art

2020 — Bachelor Degree Exhibition, Konstakademien

2019 — SEart Pop up group Exhibition, No picnic Studio

2018 — Mejanstudenter visar måleri, Galleri Argo

2018 — SEart Pop up group Exhibition, No picnic Studio

2018 — Spring Show, Royal Institute of Art


Selected Scholarships

2022 — Ellen Trotzig Stipendium, Malmo Konstmuseum

2022 — Boberghska donationen, Konstakademien

2022 — Estrid Ericson Stiftelse

2022 — Stiftelsen Gustaf & Ida Unmans Donationsfond

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