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There’s this cavernous place, a natural void. Calm, ancient, empty with potential. Two beings live here, call it home. Do you wanna go? This is about finding something, connecting the dots… Like constellations in the night sky or the evolution of slow gooey drip to stalactite. Glow or grow both play with energy, molecules bonding and spawning a solar flare. 

Derived from the idea of recursion and hybridization, Fabian Bergmark Näsman has developed a unique artistic process where he casts sculptures from one mold to create an original piece each time through dissection and reconstruction. The results are abstract, and have thus been seen as an exploration of formal and academic queries. In Bergmark Näsman’s latest installation, ”Amalgamate", he juxtaposes an abstract sculpture with a new kind of sculpture — one which is more figurative. This new work conjures questions about perception: How do we perceive the abstract sculpture now? How do we understand things according to their context or environment? And (how) can an object, or a subject, survive the ever changing discourses where lines are constantly redrawn?

Text: Lauren Johnson

Fabian Bergmark Näsman

Fabian Bergmark Näsman (b. 1991, SE) is educated at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Konstfack in Stockholm. He has participated in exhibitions both in Sweden and internationally, and recently realized his first public sculpture in Stockholm


2017-2019 - MFA, Konstfack, Crafts and Design, Stockholm

2013-2017 - BFA, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam


Grants / Nominations

2022Krisstipendium 4, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee / Konstnärsnämnden

2021 - One year working grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee / Konstnärsnämnden

2021 - Krisstipendium 3, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee / Konstnärsnämnden

2020 - Krisstipendium 2, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee / Konstnärsnämnden

2019 - Nominated to the Fredrik Roos Scholarship


Commissioned work

2021 - Fig. 31, Gisslaren, Stockholm Konst, Stockholm

2021 - Door handle, Villa Arrgh by architect Julia Eriksson, Stockholm


Upcoming Exhibitions

2022 - Group exhibition, Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg

2022 - Solo exhibition, Odem Atelier, Stockholm

2022 - Duo exhibition, DUVE Berlin, Berlin

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