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Auto Bios Grapho is a project consisting of photographs and sculptures acting as visual dissections of the concept of the autobiography: time, body, space. The idea of this work is derived from poet Anne Carson's novel Autobiography of Red. In this novel the main character works on his autobiography without using text. His ultimate medium will be photography. 

Joline Uvman builds her work by playing with words and etymological meanings. The word photography is to mean light (photo) and writing or drawing (graphy) if reading it from its origins. The function of a mathematical graph is to measure or show a development.

Auto Bios Grapho will be exhibited in three different installations over the course of a year starting with Grapho, followed by Bios and Auto.

In the first exhibition Grapho, drawings of graphs have gone through several photographic processes. From drawn, to scanned and lastly photo graphed with a medium format camera. These graphs have a constant curve and no values, which gives a static impression — the functions of these graphs are hidden in the notion of time.

Joline Uvman

Joline Uvman works with installation, sculpture, text and photographic processes. In her work she seeks to grasp senses of time and affect by merging various types of languages: the material, the written, the pictorial and the mathematical.


2014-2019 MFA, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

2013-2014 Sculpture, Dômen Art School, Gothenburg

2012-2013 Textile, Stenebyskolan, Dals Långed

2011-2012 Art History (60 hp), Linköping University, Linköping

2008-2011 Arts and crafts, textile, Anders Ljungstedts Gymnasium, Linköping


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 ”Vertikal Liggande”, Delfi, Malmö

2019 ”Poems On Motion And Emotions”, Galleri Mejan, Stockolm


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 ”Objektskatalogen”, Stockholm

2021 ”Sleeping Giants”, in collaboration with Sara Andreasson, Malongen, Stockholm

2019 Stipendiater 2019, Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala

2019 Graduation show, MFA, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

2019 ”Soft City”, curated by Coyote, Stockholm

2018 ”Mejan to Helsinki”, Project Room, Helsingfors

2018 ”Loungen”, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

2018 ”Island Life”, directed by Susan Philipsz, Stockholm,

2018 ”Juan Downey: With Energy Beyond These Walls”, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

2017 ”Clusterfuck”, graduation show, BFA, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

2017 ”Att Öva Sig Och Inse Att Det Finns Ett Ganska Tydligt Samband Mellan”, performance in collaboration with Eugene Sundelius von Rosen and Christofer Degrér, Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm



2021 Malongen, Nordiska Konstförbundet (En praktisk undersökning av skulpturens poetiska aspekter)



2022 Sigrid Fridmans fond

2021 Konstnärsnämndens Krisstipendium

2019 Anna-Lisa Thomson Till Minne

2019 Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse

2019 Tobisons fond

2018 AAA stipendiefond

2018 Gålöstiftelsen

2018 Stig Hedbergs Stipendiefond

2017 AAA Stipendiefond

2015 Marta, Wivi och Åke Liljesons Stiftelse

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