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Exhibition Text

Melchior is working in between the fields of design, art, and fictional science. Material and methodology are the two legs of her exploratory practise. Taking an interest in erosional processes in nature, she uses sand to create form through different exposing forces; this to enable a dialogue between man and material; between control and, not chance, but physical rhythms we will never fully understand. 

The title of this exhibition alludes to the known illustration by Rudolph Zallinger from 1965, showing a homo sapiens step by step evolution into a human. Where the illustration ends, the narrative in which designer and artist Kajsa Melchior works, start. The narrative of when a man stopped walking and started to surround himself with functional objects.

The exhibition is to be seen as a milestone of an ongoing artistic exploration, in which Melchior runs an artistic research with a design critical approach that elaborates on issues such as how to define the border of an object’s functionality, beauty, and purpose.

Kajsa Melchior

“I have a background in design and architecture. A field which is embossed by function and comfort. My work circulates around the subject of furniture, and I am often challenged to define it. I am not sure whether the subject really is furniture, body, or mind. Probably it is about how they are connected. I think what I really do is to try to understand form. I know I never will, but if I can move along the line between illusion and insight, I will keep explore.”


2017-2019 MA Program in art and design with focus on furniture design, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden. 

2013-2014 1 year scholarship as part of BA program, University of The Arts London, Chelsea College of Art, London, United Kingdom.

2011–2014 BA program in design, HDK (School of arts and craft), Gothenburg, Sweden.

2010–2011 Art course, film making, Valand Academy of Art and Design, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2009–2010 Preparatory Art School, LKD (School of art/design Lund), Lund, Sweden.


Selected Exhibitions and projects

2023 Installation, Stockholm Design Week, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Stockholm, Sweden.

2023 Comissioned work, LYFT, Stockholm, Sweden

2023 Group exhibition, Erik Bratsberg x Friends pop up gallery at Persona, Stockholm, Sweden.

2022 Group exhibition, Navet & Friends, Stockholm, Sweden

2022 Installation, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse, part of Stockholm Design Week, Stockholm, Sweden.

2020 Comissioned work, Byredo, London, United Kingdom.

2020 Installation, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse, part of Stockholm Design week, Stockholm, Sweden.

2020 ”(Non)Depleted”, group exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2020 Comissioned work, Tiger of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden.

2020 ”Bokeh!”, group exhibition, Mint Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

2020 ”The Age Of”, group exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden.

2019 ”Hemma Gone Wild”

2019 ”Shutter Speed”, MA degree exhibition, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.



2020 1 year work scholarship, Swedish Art Grants committee, Stockholm, Sweden.

2019 The Nordic First St. Johannislogens Jubelfond (foundation) . Top scholarship holder of the year within the field art and design. The Swedish Frimurare Ordern, Stockholm, Sweden.

2013 Exchange year at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Erasmus, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Work Experience

2019– Kajsa Melchior, Incorporated company. Sculptor and designer working with various commissions and projects within sculpture, furniture and interior.

2014–2017 Wingårdhs, architectural firm Interior designer.

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