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Levi Sebton’s project “Lately,” consists of a series of small scale paintings that form a personal journal through the mundanity of everyday life. With an eye for the ordinary, the pictures attempt to depict a presence in what is often overlooked and buried underneath. 

Through a naivistic approach to painting, the pictures display a candidness in which the figurative motifs open up to an abstracting quality to convey something more than what immediately meets the eye.

“I view the exhibition as a self portrait in which the self is looking out instead of the reverse. The last months have been a transformative period and I wanted to capture it without being too literal; I wanted it to be a subtle gesture. The inspiration which has been drawn from the earnestness of George W Bush’s self portrait in the shower and in the bath, and the subtle care of the still life paintings of Morandi, form the base of the language I wanted to portray.”

Levi Sebton

Levi Sebton

Levi Sebton graduated from Royal Institute of Art in 2022. Working mainly with a visual expression derived from natural motifs, his body of work formulate its expression on the threshold between figuration and abstraction.


2017-2022 — BFA and MFA, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

2016-2017 — Konsthögskolan Bergen, Bergen

2011-2013 — Pernbys Målarskola, Stockholm

2009-2010 — Färg och Form, Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm

2005-2008 — Media och Fotografi, Riddarfjärdens Gymnasium, Stockholm


Selected Exhibitions

2022 — “Lately,” StudyForArtPlatform, Stockholm

2022 — “Painters Salon”, Molekyl Gallery, Malmö

2022 — “Kungliga Konsthögskolan Master Exhibition”, Konstakademien, Stockholm

2021 — “Annual pt2”, CF HILL, Stockholm

2021 — “The Image As A (W)hole”, MFA graduation, Stockholm 

2021 — Grupputställning, Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg

2021 — “Rundgång”, Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm

2021 — ”Sources”, group exhibition, Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm

2020 — Kungliga Konsthögskolan Bachelor Exhibition, Konstakademien, Stockholm

2020 — ”Folding Screen Exhibition”, Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm

2018 — ”Alpha Centauri”, group exhibition, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Stuttgart

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