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Chakra tuning forks, decoy whistles, whips, sea shells and other seemingly random objects form a sculptural gestalt or a foley studio. The sounds of the objects are imitating life while a voice is speaking about the touch of sound and our human bodies as constellations of bacteria and microorganisms which interact with the environment beyond our death, questioning the western idea of the self.

The body is a site that is permeable to sounds and microbiota that even regulate our moods and emotions through their serotonergic systems and perhaps even influence our dreams.

We see the objects on the sculpture, and just as the sounds of the instruments are reproduced and invisible so are the microorganisms. Would there be a possibility for communication with our microbiology out of the known? We, as listeners are left to be turned towards the voice of thought.

Love Enqvist

Love Enqvist works broadly across the fields of essay film, sound, sculpture and performance. He explores utopian ideas about how to live together and relate to each other. His work is based on extensive research and performative documentation around ideas and individuals whose stories haunts our present; social and spacial change and what is inscribed in the collective history and memory. He is also founder of the project space Studio Giardini in Venice, Italy.


2001-2006 — MFA, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

2004-2007 — PGC, Art and Architecture, Royal University College of Art

 2003-2004 — Staedelschule, Frankfurt, Germany


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 — ”We Will Learn To Speak Again”, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 — ”Earthly Paradise” Fotoparken, Gustavsberg, Sweden

2018 — "The Cooperative Human”, Nacka Konsthall, Sweden


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 — ”Internal Clocks”, Berlin, Germany

2022 — Paintings, Studio B Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2022 — ”Co-Op”, Lokale, Copenhagen, Denmark

2021 — ”Symbiosis”, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden


Selected Publications

2009 — ”Diggers and Dreamers”, Oyster Press

2008 — Dharavi, documenting informalities, ICE

2003 — ”RECORDING N°ONE 25 12 (vinyl), Portikus


Selected Grants and Awards

2017 — Winner of Celeste Art Prize for best film

2016 — Two year working grant, Swedish Art Council

2013 — One year London grant Iaspis/Gasworks

2009 — Two year working grant, Swedish Art Council

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