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Re-imagining the antagonist Duchess Raven Waves in the 80s cartoon Lady Lovely Locks, the installation Duke Raven Waves draws from memory, art history, nostalgia, and popular culture, in order to try to come to terms with the good versus evil dichotomy which we are all taught from the many prominent narratives in our childhood, and which seems to stay with us as we grow older. The textile, the sculpture, the video, and the sound; they all seem as if co-exist in a symbiotic play between the abstract and the figurative, and between the kinetic and the static. This state makes the installation seem as if freed from the constraints of both linear time and spatial orientation. In being so it tells a story of longing for transformation — of becoming and ceasing to be, and all the stages which occur in between — yet at the same time, of a self which tries to resist any form of change.

Tim Høibjerg

Tim Høibjerg was born in Kristiansand (NOR), and lives and works in Stockholm (SWE). He holds an MFA at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm (2021) and a BFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway (2019). Høibjerg’s work takes place between the virtual and the physical, moving between digital software, animation, textiles, and sculpture. Exploring notions of fiction and reality, he aims to create tension between the familiar and the unfamiliar, between perception and interpretation.

Lives and works in Stockholm and Oslo


2019-2021 — MFA at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden.

2020-2020 — Exchange at Belas Artes, Lisbon, Portugal.

2016-2019 — BFA at the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Norway.

2017-2018 — Exchange at University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria.

2014-2016 — School of art Photography Oslo, Norway.



2019 — Cultiva Ekspress 2020 Cultiva Ekspress

2022 — Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse

2020 — Kristiansand Kommune Kunsterstipend

2021 — Akademiens Reisestipend

2021 — Akademiens stipend


Upcoming Exhibitions

2022 — To be titled, solo exhibtion, Podium Gallery, Oslo, Norway.

2022 — To be titled, group exhibtion, Melk Galleri, Oslo, Norway.

2022 — To be titled, group exhibtion, Hobusepe Gallery, Tallin. Estonia.

2022 — To be titled, group exhibtion, Moumentum Gallery, Tartu. Estonia.

2022 — “Personal Structures”, European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy.

2022 — “Respwan”, Nitja Senter For Samtidskunst, Lillestrøm, Norway.

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